About EquiZen
Jaime Huber
EquiZen Training

EquiZen's approach enables people to understand their horses on a whole new level.  It increases human awareness of what actually may be going on in terms of behavior, attitude, and reactions.  It removes many of the assumptions and labels, often incorrectly applied to our horses, when we experience difficulty in our horse/human relationship.  

EquiZen looks at the horse, and his human, as a WHOLE PICTURE, from Inner to Outer, and we take into account the many factors that can effect us.

“Unlike receiving horsemanship in a box, EquiZen focuses on the integrity of the Human/Horse connection.  By valuing the horse's sense of well being above the agenda of getting to the next level, EquiZen goes to the root of the problems, whether mental, emotional or physical, before demanding the horse or human perform a specific exercise. This leads to respectful, balanced, and connected movement that is free of pain or tension, allowing the mind to be fully present and able to achieve unlimited goals, regardless of discipline.”
Heidi Meyer
Bare Hoof Specialist

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The Path to Spiritual Connection between Horse and Human