EquiZen's Natural Horsemanship Program
With EquiZen, you will learn to know horses mentally, emotionally, and physically.  You will develop an inner “know how”, and intuitive sense in understanding and relating to YOUR horse.  You will understand instinctually how to handle them, how to solve and prevent problems, both on the ground and on the horse’s back, in any given situation.
It’s knowing:
Learn to :

Jaime Huber
EquiZen Training
"Communication is the art of soul connection. If we put forth our honest intension every time we open our mouths, and follow with our honest action, we achieve the highest connection possible, with ourselves, and with others. This is what our horses teach us....if we are willing to listen." - Jaime Huber
"When I work with a horse, I always try to pause - stop action - to study my horse and his reactions before going into action again. I include pause and silence along with activity, thus allowing myself time to sense my own internal processes as well as my horse's." - Jaime Huber
In Hand/On Line
Using on-line, we can communicate forwards, backwards, right, left, and lateral movement, eliciting all kinds of maneuvers until they become willing and fluid.
Create a Language Between Horse and Human...
Free Work / Liberty Work
Connection and Communication 
The liberty work in the round pen allows the horse freedom of expression and choice, and it is the first place for both horse and human to come together in two-way communication, acceptance, trust, and a consensual and willing partnership.
“It’s easy to make changes very quickly even if you are a novice in EquiZen. And even in if you can’t do the work as effectively as an experienced person, it is not necessary to know the work perfectly.”
            “It’s truly amazing to be able to make changes in my horse’s behavior, physical being or mental state, and have a true connection take place.  Every horse I see being helped by EquiZen, I always feel I have learned and changed in the process as well.”  Marisa Elliot
"The Way of the Horse"
Welcome to the EquiZen Training program.  Our clinics & programs are designed to give you the methods and concepts necessary to fully understand and work in the "Language of the Horse". 
Do you Hear me?
See me?
Understand me?
The Path to Spiritual Connection between Horse and Human