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Ride in Balance
The EquiZen approach to riding in balance helps you start to feel like part of the horse and to go with the flow.  It allows you to be in total harmony with the moving horse.

Jaime Huber
EquiZen Training
Horses develop behavioral issues and evasive reactions when they are ridden in a way that throws them out of balance and disconnects them.
In a cycle of disconnection, movement cannot flow freely thru the horse and rider.  During moments of tension or falling out of balance, horse and rider brace their bodies, losing their elasticity and ability to rebalance. 

This out of balance position keeps a horse heavy on the forehand.  Training issues such as spooking, bolting, running through the bit take place.
Riding in Balance will help you:

Riding in Balance will help your horse:
"I have never had any formal training, but when I was a kid I could stay on...not so much now!  Somewhere along the way, I lost my confidence and my ability to ride.
My horse and I only ride for pleasure out on the trail, but when she started spooking, I took a bad fall.  That threw a big dent in my "pleasure".  As time went on, I got more uptight, and so did my horse.
I met Jaime, and she suggested I regain my confidence on the longe. I didn't have to worry about controling my horse, and could focus on my balance and connection.
I can actually feel my horse's rhythm, and stay in balance!  I don't feel like I am riding on "top of", but rather in my horse. 
Jennifer Hollaway
By making subtle changes in the way we use our bodies when we ride and handle our horses, we can regain our horse’s suppleness.  Such changes completely shift the way horses move, learn and respond. 
The Path to Spiritual Connection between Horse and Human