Jaime Huber
EquiZen Training
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The Path to Spiritual Connection between Horse and Human
Rescue  ~  Rehabilitation  ~  Restoration
Shifting Energies
Restoring our Horses to Mental, Emotional and Physical Balance
EquiZen's Shifting Energies is a mind/body wellness and training program that specializes helping horses who:

We have worked with many equine rescues and traumatized horses over the years.  Between rehabilitating, restarting, and restoring balance to these horses, we have found that the most common misunderstanding about rescue horses is the time it takes to achieve: "The Path to Recovery".

​Thoroughbreds are complex, highly emotional, and extremely intelligent!  But they can present unique challenges that other breeds do not.

When Thoroughbreds get upset or stressed, they can get "BIG", very suddenly, and very very fast, accelerating quickly into an explosive and dangerous situation.

This program will guide you through ways of handling and working with the sensitive and mecurial temperament of these fabulous horses!

"Race Horse Rehab"
"Happy, magnificent and proud, emotions that cannot be forced.  To achieve this, a foundation must be built from which everything else stems!"